DeliverableType of DeliverableDelivery (month)
D1.1: Report – Beneficiaries and victims of the green transitionReport12
D1.2: Primary and secondary data and Report – The green transition and the sustainable development goals, the potential role of geo -observation in monitoring and achieving the goalsReport18
D1.3: Tables and maps showing the degree of achievement of sustainable development goals and trends at Regional levelReport18
D1.4: Report and dashboard of the integration rate of the European Jurisprudence for the green transition at National and regional levelReport18
D1.5: Report that includes energy intensity measured in terms of primary energy and GDP. Index measurements in isolated areas. Comparison with other regions of Greece and highlighting the importance of localityReport18
D2.1: Alternative scenarios and vector of investments per scenarioReport4
D2.2: Exhibition – Socio -economic effects of green transition scenariosReport20
D2.3: Exhibition – Environmental effects and benefits of RESReport20
D2.4: Transition Pathways Funding ToolsReport24
D3.1: Report – Energy poverty at national and regional levelReport18
D3.2: Report and impact assessment model of the green transition on energy povertyReport18
D3.3: Exhibition – Social benefits of addressing energy povertyReport26
D3.4: Report – The role of decentralized energy production technologies in empowering Local Government to address the phenomenon of Energy Poverty in the context of the green transitionReport26
D4.1: Exhibition – Environmental inequalities of the Greek regionsReport24
D4.2: Map of Socio-Economic VulnerabilityReport28
D5.1: Report on the results of implementing Green Transition policies in local economies and improving energy servicesReport18
D5.2: Creation of a Business Plan/Model in order to design a sustainable solution accepted by the local communityReport18
D5.3: Plan and implementation guides for energy transition of small isolated islandsReport21
D6.1: Report and Primary Data – Green Transition and Blue Economy: Synergies and IncompatibilitiesReport17
D6.2: Report – Proposed measures for targeted green transition actions in the marine areaReport24
D7.1: Policy proposals for a green, fair and inclusive transitionReport28
D7.2: Create a dissemination and communication planReport6
D7.3: Configuration of dissemination and communication material for the green transitionReport24
D7.4: Social marketing campaign for the green transitionReport2
D7.5: Dialogue forum on “The local community participating in decision-making for the development of RES projects”, Prefecture of Evia, Region of Central GreeceOther18
D7.6: Dialogue forum on “Energy crisis and green transition”, Prefecture of Kozani, Region of Western MacedoniaOther6
D7.7: Dialogue forum on “Energy crisis and green transition”, Prefecture of Arcadia, Region of PeloponneseOther14
D7.8: Dialogue Forum on “Green Transition: Achieving Climate Neutrality in Terms of Sustainable Development”, Ionian Islands RegionOther25
D7.9: Three (3) thematic newsletters for the green transitionOther25
D7.10: Organization of the conference “Green transition in Greece – results of the actions of the Project”, AthensOther28
D8.1a: Digital Maturity Control Model/IndexOther12
D8.1b: Report on the digital maturity and progress of the involved bodies and primary data in a summary (dashboard) analytical formReport18
D8.1c: Digital maturity self-assessment tool and connection to communities of practiceReport18
D8.2a: Digital transition legislation suitability check toolkit with specialization at national, regional and local levelReport24
D8.2b: Toolbox Application GuideReport24
D9.1: Research Results – Digital tools / data in the operation of small and medium enterprisesReport12
D9.2a: Taxonomy of digital solutionsReport28
D9.2b: Development of an online tool (dashboard) for searching and presenting aggregated data by sector and regionWebsite28
D10.1a: Report and Primary Data – Assessing the Digital Maturity of HouseholdsReport24
D10.1b: Scientific publication and announcement at a conference/workshopPublication24
D11.1a: Exhibition – the phenomenon of “digital immigrants”Report17
D11.1b: Scientific publications and announcementsPublication17
D11.1c: Create a Hub: “Safe Digital Waters” to help “digital immigrants”Other17
D11.2: Report – Haves and Have-Nots in the Post-Digital Transition Era and New Social StratificationsReport14
D11.3: Digital news credibility assessment platform for fair and developmental green transition and digital transformationWebsite28
D11.4a: Study to strengthen the participation of special population groups in local communitiesReport20
D11.4b: Digital applicationWebsite20
D11.4c: Scientific publicationsPublication20
D12.1: Policy proposals for digital transformationReport28
D12.2: Dissemination and communication hardware configuration for digital transformationOther24
D12.3: Social marketing campaign for digital transformationOther2
D12.4: Dialogue forum on “Digital transformation and agricultural production”, Prefecture of Larissa, Region of ThessalyOther10
D12.5: Dialogue forum on “Digital transformation and competitiveness of the economy”, Prefecture of Attica, Region of AtticaOther22
D12.6: Three (3) themed newsletters on digital transformationOther22
D12.7: Organization of the Conference “Digital transformation in Greece: Results of the actions of the Project”, ThessalonikiOther27
D13.1: Good practices for the provision and use of open dataReport12
D13.2: Online digital application for topic navigation and search of a repository of publications, data, software solutions and toolsWebsite18
D14.1: Report – Synergies for the Green and Digital Transition: challenges and prospectsReport24
D14.2: Report – Methodologies and best practices for reducing the environmental footprint of Digital Facilities and InfrastructureReport24
D15.1a: Report and Primary data – Public opinion in Greece on the green and digital transitionReport28
D15.1b: Scientific publications, announcements at conferencesPublication28
D16.1a: Mapping and creation of a register of green and digital transition bodiesOther19
D16.1b: Practical guide (playbook) for the organization of agencies in a sustainable community of practiceOther19
D16.1c: Model of co-creation, co-production and co-evaluation of green and digital transition policies within the community of practiceReport19
D16.1d: Pilot implementation of communities of practice: Co-creation workshops (bootcamps) and implementation reportOther19
D16.2: Online tool for organizing and digitizing experiential workshopsWebsite21
D16.3: Views of social partners from the regions on the green transition and digital transformationReport21
D17.1: Report – Pioneers and laggards in green and digital transition: successful examples and implementation challengesReport20
D17.2a: Report – Public opinion on the de-lignification of the Greek economyReport20
D17.2b: Plan of basic education and training needs for vulnerable areasReport20
D18.1: Report on required digital skills and educational interventions for citizens. Policy proposalsReport12
D18.2: Report on required digital skills and training interventions for employees. Policy proposalsReport20
D18.3: Design and formation of courses/seminars for retraining and upgrading of skills (upskilling and reskilling) in the context of local communities and providing them through Citizens Digital AcademyOther20
D18.4: Skill management and professional profile development platformWebsite24
D19.1: Policy proposals for exploiting the synergies of the green transition and digital transformationReport28
D19.2. Organization of thematic dialogue forum “Opinions, attitudes, and behaviors on the green and digital transition: Presentation of the findings of the nationwide social reference survey”, ThessalonikiOther28
D19.3. Two (2) thematic newsletters on the synergies of the green transition and digital transformationOther28
D20.1: Data Management Plan – Data Management PlanReport28
D20.2: Fact sheet on ethics and ethical issues in researchReport28
D21.1: Digital portal for the green and digital transitionWebsite28

Investment support action "Flagship actions in interdisciplinary scientific areas with a special interest in the connection with the productive tissue" / Resilience, Inclusiveness and Development: Towards a Just Green and Digital Transition of Greek Regions – TAEDR-0537352.
The action is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 with funding from the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

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