Expected Results

The project includes a coherent set of actions that will contribute to the implementation of the European and national strategies for the fair green and digital development transition of the country, maximizing the positive impact for the local society, minimizing the social effects of the double transition especially for the vulnerable groups and regions, enhancing economic and social resilience in the light of equitable development and inclusion. In particular, the expected results of the proposed actions are articulated in four axes:   

  1. Integrating research and innovation into the country’s productive fabric: a) analysis and assessment of the social impacts of policies and measures for the green and digital transition in society, the economy and institutions, b) highlighting the potentially benefiting and affected groups, c) shaping informed and evidence-based public policies and appropriate regulatory frameworks.
  2. Stopping the brain drain: a) development of the environmental and digital economy, b) diagnosis of human resources needs to achieve the dual transition, c) formulation of targeted retraining and skills upgrading interventions. In addition, the achievement of the project’s objectives is based on the utilization of human resources of a high level of knowledge and skills.
  3. Identification of potential interventions and formulation of targeted and costed policy proposals: a) effective implementation of policies and measures for the green and digital transition, b) development of the green and digital economy, c) mitigation of existing socio-economic inequalities resulting from said policies, d) exploitation of synergies with other public policies, e) implementation of public policy interventions with mutual and compensatory benefits for the economy and society.
  4. Cultivating social interest in the dual transition: a) upgrading the social interest in the dual transition from individual scientific communities, those responsible for the formulation and implementation of public policies, media executives, executives of organizations & businesses, contributing to sustainable development but also to a new corporate governance, b) promoting the environmental interest of the general public, the awareness of digital divides and the reduced digital maturity of Greek society.

The results of the supported project are made available online from the end date of the supported project or the date on which any information about those results is provided to the members of any organization, whichever is earlier. The results remain available online for a period of at least 5 years, starting from the end date of the supported project. Finally, the results of the supported project will be available free of charge to all businesses.

Investment support action "Flagship actions in interdisciplinary scientific areas with a special interest in the connection with the productive tissue" / Resilience, Inclusiveness and Development: Towards a Just Green and Digital Transition of Greek Regions – TAEDR-0537352.
The action is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 with funding from the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

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